Healthy Shopping

Your first instinct when your significant other says it’s over may be to seek comfort in a stiff drink or a pint of ice cream at any of The Palms Malls outlet. Guess what! There are heathier ways to nursing a broken heart and that includes shopping.

According to a recent survey by TNS Global, about 52 percent of respondents said have one time or the other engaged in “retail therapy”-the act of shopping and spending to improve one’s mood. This form of therapy can put your finances at risk if it’s the only way you must temper your mood, or if you feel guilty about your spending behaviours and can’t shop in moderation. The survey also shows that men and women admitted they’ve opened their wallets when feeling blue.

Decisions can be between material items (a pair of shorts versus jeans from the fashion stores like Puma, Max, Nike etc) or what to consume (a smoothie versus a milkshake) from stores like Coldstone or any of stores at our state of the art food court. Studies shows that purchases – cheap or expensive – can help relieve mild depression.

Despite its benefits, many consumers for reason like the current state of the economy still shuns retail therapy but shopping serves as a healthy purpose for a lot of people. If it works for you, you should not feel guilty. Do it, enjoy it and don’t overdo it, only at The Palms Mall close to you.

Consumers who use retail therapy modestly don’t regret their purchases, especially at The Palms Mall considering the quality and pocket friendly prizes of products. People who use retail therapy appropriately are not only happier but may also be more confident, perform better at work and express themselves more creatively. According to studies, a major difference between healthy and compulsive shoppers is that compulsive buyers often experience remorse when they get home and see what they bought.

Of course, there are other healthy alternatives to retail therapy. Rick Perry of the University of Michigan says, “If you can dust off a decision you’ve been waiting for at home – how to rearrange your bookshelf or where to plant that new flower in the garden – I think it would have similar positive effects.”

Shopping can be an effective way of lifting your spirits and it can also have lasting benefits. A visit to The Palms Mall today for your retail therapy will give you an experience of a lifetime!

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